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 Lily Fisheries

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All the renewals are back and tickets processed. At the moment we don't operate waiting lists at Lily Fisheries as so few tickets become available. What we have available for the new season starting on April 25th on Hasse Fen and Stanford Hall, and May 2nd start on The Lavers and Lords Ground are listed below.

 Hasse Fen         

***SOLD OUT***

                Stanford Hall                       

***SOLD OUT***

 The Lavers        

***SOLD OUT***

 Lords Ground   

Remaining tickets below are now discounted - valid till 27th April 2024


2 full ticket £420       2 midweek ticket £310

Payment plan available on all tickets if required


Enquire HERE 

Photo Competition Result

Here's the result of the December to March photo competition. It was a hard call as there were many great carp caught. It was so close we ended chosing 2 winners!


Glenn Merritt (above) with one of our favourite carp, Stumpy, at 41lb from The Lavers was one winner. Carl Whitehouse (below) with the half-lin from Hasse Fen at 42lb was the other winner. 


















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